Fit For Fall Recipe Guide


The BEST macro friendly Fall recipe guide on the market! MAEK all of your favorite seasonal treats + meals with this east to follow ebook!


Order latest MAEK ME HEALTHY Guide! Enjoy all of your fall favorites, with a macro friendly MAEkover!

This guide contains everything you need to know about how to eat seasonal foods, prepare for Thanksgiving with healthy recipe swaps your whole family will love! You can still have your pumpkin donuts, apple pie + Thanksgiving favorites!


Food Staples

A complete guide of many building blocks for macro-friendly recipes including: Dairy, Grains, Canned/Jarred Foods, Spices/Flavorings and more!

Substitution Foods

A comprehensive guide to substitutions for the following: Oil/Butters, Sugar, Noodles/Pasta, Rice, Bread, Flour and much more!

Macro-Friendly Recipes

Each recipe includes a full ingredient list, start to finish directions including the serving size and nutritional information.


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