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Never miss a recipe! The MAEk Me Healthy Monthly Club is perfect to keep you in line with your goals! Recipes, workout + health hacks sent straight to your inbox in PDF form so you can print them out or read them on your tablet!


Have you ever seen one of my recipes on Instagram or Snapchat + been like ” How is that healthy?” ” How does she stay lean eating brownies?”

I love creating macro friendly recipes + want to give everyone the option + availability to MAEk these recipes at home!

Since it takes a lot of time to develop a whole Ebook, why not give you instant access to all new recipes!?

So what do you get?

Instant access to ALL new recipes that have been created since the beginning of the MAEk Me Healthy Ebook series.

  • If you have already purchased a Mae Movement Membership, you will be automatically put into the monthly membership!
  • If you are just now joining. First off! Welcome! If you haven’t purchased any Ebooks yet I highly recommend you do, so you are not missing out on any macro friendly recipes!

What kind of recipes can you expect?


How about under ten carb brownies? These are high in protein, fudgy + delicious!




Maybe protein pancakes are more your thing? No one likes cardboard pancakes… these are fluffy + volumes. Leaving you feeling satisfied to conquer the day + your training!




Not much of a sweet tooth? I have a ton of savory favorites in the line up like low carb Pizza, Sushi + burgers!

I will also be sharing my macro MAEkover recipes from your favorites foodie restaurants! Chic-Fil-A, Taco Bell + more!



Along with weekly recipes in PDF form, so you can easily print them out + add them to you MAEk Me Healthy Library. I will be sending meal prep tips + ideas. Workouts, lifestyle hacks, motivation + more tools to help you succeed in your future goals!


And if you sign up now, you will always be locked in at your current price for as long as you keep your membership!


Would love to have you as part of the MAEk Me Healthy Club!

We appreciate your support and are excited for you to join us on our journey! Lets MAEk it Happen!






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